Rubellite (Tourmaline) Gemstones

  • Hardness

    7.0 on the Mohs scale.

  • Occurrence

    Madagascar, North America, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Africa, Siberia, Australia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Tourmaline and opal are the birthstones of the month of October. Tourmaline is the national gemstone of the United States.

  • Appearance

    The reddish to purple color of tourmaline is called rubellite. Like emerald, inclusions are common. Ruby red colored stones are the most valuable.

  • Enhancements

    Pink, red and purple tourmaline is occasionally heat treated to improve color.

    More information on gemstone enhancements.

  • Gemstone Family

    Rubellite is a member of the Tourmaline gemstone family.


0.42 ct.
5.3x5.0mm Trillion Cut
Vivid Reddish Purple
Slightly Included
[H] Heated to improve color.
One of a kind.
Rubellite Tourmaline