Kunzite (Spodumene) Gemstones

  • Hardness

    6.0 - 7.0 on the Mohs scale.

  • Occurrence

    Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), U.S., Canada, former USSR, Mexico and Sweden.

  • Appearance

    Lilac pink (colored by manganese), named after the gemologist G.F. Kunz who described it in 1902. Kunzite has strong pleochroism, showing colorless and two shades of color when viewed from different directions. Kunzite is a fragile stone. Called an "evening" stone, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight which can fade it's color in time.

  • Enhancements

    Kunzite is commonly heat treated to improve color from certain locations. Kunzite is also commonly irradiated and heat treated to darken color.

    More information on gemstone enhancements.

  • Gemstone Family

    Kunzite is a member of the Spodumene gemstone family.