Imperial Topaz Gemstones

  • Hardness

    8.0 on the Mohs scale.

  • Occurrence

    Brazil, U.S., Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Myanmar (Burma), former USSR, Australia, Pakistan, Mexico, Tasmania, Japan, Africa. Topaz and citrine are the birthstones of the month of November.

  • Appearance

    Reddish, or peachy-orange in color. The term "imperial topaz" is used by ethical jewelers to refer to topaz that is reddish orange of medium tone and higher saturation.

  • Enhancements

    Sometimes irradiated to intensify color.

    More information on gemstone enhancements.

  • Gemstone Family

    Imperial Topaz is a member of the Precious Topaz gemstone family.

Imperial Topaz
Imperial Topaz

3.93 ct.
15.1x7.2mm Pear Cut
Medium Dark
Vivid Reddish Orange
Loupe Clean
[E] Routinely enhanced.
One of a kind.
Peachy Pink Topaz